Trey Songz's Physical Altercation with Cops Started After He Allegedly Refused to Wear a Mask

Trey’s mugshot.

More information has come to light following Trey Songz’s arrest during the Kansas City Chiefs football game on Sunday.

According to Kansas City Police, the altercation started because Trey refused to follow Arrowhead stadium protocol and wear a mask.

Other fans in the venue began to complain and security came over to get him to comply. He wouldn’t, so security tried to have him removed. Security called the police and they eventually put him under arrest.

The police then say Trey resisted arrested and allegedly punched an officer and put him in a headlock — which you can see in video of the incident. More cops were dispatched and they took him to jail.

The case is being referred to the Jackson County Prosecutor for further review.

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