Trey Songz Sued for Allegedly Punching a Bartender

Trey Songz is being accused of punching a bartender while attending a show at the Hollywood Palladium in May 2019 — and the bartender he punched has filed a lawsuit.

According to the legal documents, the bartender says Trey jumped on the bar to sit and watch the show. The bartender told him to get down and that it was against the venue’s policy. Trey is said to have ignored the bartender and the bartender put his hand on Trey’s back to get his attention to repeat himself.

That’s when, according to the bartender, Trey turned around and punched I’m in the head with a closed fist, looked at the other bartenders, then continued to enjoy the show.

If you’re wondering, it was Cardi B’s Fashion Nova concert.

The bartender claims he suffered physical pain and emotional and psychological injury as a result of the alleged attack, and he’s suing for damages.

We know Trey has a bit of a temper…so we’re willing to believe he punched the bartender. The question is, however, was he completely in the wrong if the bartender put his hand on him first?

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