Trey Songz Explains Why He's Not Interested in Doing a 'Verzuz' Battle: 'I Don't Think There's Anybody That Really Do What I Do' [Video] |

Trey Songz Explains Why He’s Not Interested in Doing a ‘Verzuz’ Battle: ‘I Don’t Think There’s Anybody That Really Do What I Do’ [Video]

Trey Songz is too good for a ‘Verzuz’ battle — at least that’s what he thinks.

via Complex:

“No, I’m not [open to doing Verzuz],” Songz said during a Thursday interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box. Although he thinks Verzuz is a great way for acts to display their discography, Songz explained that he’s only competing against himself.

“But for me, I’ve never really been into being in competition with the next man, the next woman, and putting myself in a position where I gotta say, ‘this is better than what you’ve done,'” he continued. “I’m in competition with myself. Furthermore, I don’t think there’s anybody that really do what I do.”

Songz went on to say that acts like Chris Brown and Usher, artists who have “solidified a space for themselves,” shouldn’t be battling each other. Instead, he would like to see a Verzuz formatted in a way that they can showcase their discography without being pitted against each other. 

Verzuz was able to successfully do this with acts like DMX, Snoop Dogg, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, and more. Still, it seems that Trey’s comments intrigued Verzuz co-creator, Swizz Beatz, when they hit The Shade Room.

Did you know Trey Songz just dropped an album last week? Someone tell Trey Songz that a ‘Verzuz’ might be the best way to get people re-interested in his career…

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