Tory Lanez Accuses Prosecutors Of Lying During Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Trial [Video]

Tory Lanez’s attorney claims to have information about the DNA evidence used in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial that he believes will exonerate the convicted rap-crooner.

via: Vibe

On Tuesday (April 25), Lanez and his attorney Jose Baez took to Instagram to argue the former’s innocence and demand a new trial.

Baez uploaded a statement to his IG Story, expressing that his client is gearing up to release evidence proving he wasn’t behind the trigger.

“Today is National DNA day,” his post read. “And we are happy to announce that Tory Lanez will be releasing information about the DNA in his case that gave false & misleading information to his jury: #freetorylanez.”

Following suit, the Canadian crooner shared another statement, calling in from jail. Tory can be heard pleading with the Los Angeles district attorney George Gascón to “to put an end to the injustice.”

The recording began with the musician explaining that he hired a new DNA specialist, and the results concluded that multiple D.A.s lied in favor of Megan. “With the help of L.A. Crime Labs DNA expert Randy Zepeda, D.A. Kathy Ta, and Alex Bott completely manipulated my DNA results, and lied to the world, the media, and most importantly my jury — by stating that my DNA on the gun was inconclusive. That was an absolute lie.”

As he continued, the rapper, née Daystar Peterson, accused the prosecutors of engaging in “invalid and illegal tactics” to convict him wrongfully.

“My DNA is 100% excluded and 100% eliminated from the gun. In other words, it’s physically and scientifically impossible for me to ever have touched or shot this gun,” he explained. “In other words, District Attorney Kathy Ta and Alex Bott lied to my jury with false, incorrect, and incomplete DNA results, violating my due process and my 14th Amendment right.

“My faith, my prayers, and my highest hopes go to the honorable Judge Harriford, that on May 8, he rules in favor of the United States Supreme Court law returning me to my freedom, my family, and most importantly, the justice of a fair trial.

Peterson, 30, was found guilty of possession of a concealed, unregistered firearm, assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and negligent discharge of a firearm in December 2022. Late March 2023 found the artist filing a motion requesting a new trial. However, prosecutors argued that a new trial “lacks substance.”

According to ABC News, “the judge set a hearing for May 8, with the expectation that the sentencing will happen within 30 days of that hearing if the motion for a new trial is denied.” Tory Lanez is facing up to 22 years and eight months in prison.

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