Tokyo Toni Goes Off On People Praising Blac Chyna For Reducing Her Cosmetic Surgeries [Video]

Tokyo Toni is continuing to publicly bash her daughter, Blac Chyna, and her latest dig is related to the 34-year-old’s recent revelation about her plastic surgery journey.

via: AceShowbiz

Taking to Instagram, the 51-year-old called out people who praised her daughter for doing so.

” ‘Blac Chyna, this is so sweet [that] you’re taking your butt shots out yo face!’ Toni argued in the Friday, March 17 post. “B***h… what? Really? ‘Oh, we so proud of her to do that!’ ”

Toni ended the video by proclaiming, “Y’all some clowns.”

Chyna has gone under the knife for butt implant removal and breast reduction. She also stopped using “long stiletto nails” which makes her feel “so free.”

On Wednesday, the former fiancee of Rob Kardashian informed fans that she wanted to have her face fillers dissolved. “I am getting these fillers dissolved from my cheeks and from my jawline because enough is enough and all has to come out,” she said in an Instagram video. “And that’s just as simple as that.”

Once Chyna was in the clinic, she told the doctor that she was “tired of the look” because it “totally changed” her face. “I am ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna is Blac Chyna and I feel like I’ve outgrown that and it’s time for a change,” she explained before the doctor started injecting the dissolver.

Cosmetic procedure aside, Toni is no stranger to slamming her daughter Chyna online. The model herself has blocked her mom on social media, noting that they have “tried to work out things and whatnot.”

“Only thing I can do as a daughter is honestly just love her cause she’s still my mom at the very end of the day,” Chyna further elaborated on Jason Lee’s self-titled show. “And I still love her to now, even sitting right here now. And I don’t take things so much to the heart because you just never know what the next person is going through.”

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