Tina Turner Denies Reports of Mild Stroke, Said to be in 'Excellent Health'


Several German and Dutch publications reported the news that 74-year-old Tina Turner had suffered a mild stroke at her home in Switzerland.

Thankfully, Tina’s spokesperson has denied the claims, assuring: ‘The fact is that Tina enjoys excellent health.’

German publication, Express, had claimed that Turner’s friend and driver Albert B. Cologne admitted ‘She had a mild stroke, but is well on the road to recovery.’

He’s also quoted as saying, ‘Tina had to cancel her holiday to recover, she has already managed a smile for her partner Erwin Bach.’

The website has since removed their story.

Tina’s rep insists the whole story is bogus and that Tina never planned a holiday to Carinthia, which she is said to have cancelled, and has never had a driver named Albert B.

We’re glad to hear that everything’s okay. 

[via Mail Online]

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