Tiffany Haddish Says LeBron James Inspired Her Recent Splurge

Comedienne Tiffany Haddish has treated herself to an oxygen chamber in a bid to ensure she will always perform at her very best.

via: BET

Appearing on PEOPLE’s Every Day podcast, the actress revealed some of the big baller purchases she has made over the years.

“Now, just recently in 2020, I bought a hypobaric chamber. That was a huge splurge,” she shared. “That was a down payment on a little house in Texas. That’s because I saw LeBron James, and he said he be in hypobaric chambers.”

Haddish added, “I said, ‘Well, if he is performing at his best coming out of a hypobaric chamber, I need to be getting a hypobaric chamber, too, so I can perform at my best.’”

Before she dropped major coins for the hypobaric chamber, the Girls Trip star said her first splurging experience was a microscope that she purchased.

“That was back in 2016, 2015. Maybe that was 2014 when I bought the microscope. That was splurging, okay? It was like a $300 microscope,” she said, adding that she enjoys looking at germs and is interested in nature.

The 41-year-old is also set to host and co-produce the new ATTN: and Chime series Hotline Cha-Ching where she and her guests discuss all things money and finance while sharing advice and real-life stories.

Hotline Cha-Ching premieres across ATTN:’s social channels Oct. 11.

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