Tidal Twitter Account Told A User To ‘Take The $500K’ After Viral Question, ‘15 Minute Meeting w/ Hov Or Money’ [Photos]

The everlasting debate about Jay-Z has resurfaced. Besides arguing about whether Jay-Z is the greatest rapper alive, many Twitter users have taken part in another conversation about the Roc Nation mogul: If given the choice, should someone have dinner with Jay-Z or take $500,000.

via: Hot97

“Would you rather a 15-minute conversation with Hov OR $500k.” A Twitter user brought up the debate again and went viral.

The user explained that he’d instead take the meeting with Jay-Z over the money. In the post, he explained why and said dinner with Hov is the “better option” because of the “knowledge” and “expertise” that he has. The user said, “he’ll give you the blueprint on being wealthy and successful. His knowledge will be worth more in the long run.”

Tidal’s Twitter account responded to the post and said, “take the $500k.” Take a look at a screenshot captured by the Neighborhood Talk blog:

The question always triggers a serious debate. Take a look at what people on social media are saying:

What would YOU do.

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