Thug Life: Chris Brown Reps His Gang Affiliation w/ the Bloods on Instagram [Photo + Video]


Chris Brown hasn’t been out of jail a month and he’s already back to his old ways.

After a almost year’s worth of rehab and jail time, since being a free man we’ve seen Chris get carried out of the club completely wasted, we’ve seen Chris smoking something, and now it appears he’s back to repping his affiliation with the Bloods.

Chris posted a random photo of his shoes to Instagram, but it’s the caption that has everyone concerned.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.20.14 AM

He captioned the above photo:

“It’s bool! I stand on my own two feet when life gets brazy.”

For those not well-versed in gang language, The Bloods often replace the letter ‘C’ at he beginning of words with the letter ‘B’.

The photo was quickly deleted, but not before fans were able to get a screencap.

Not only that, but the post comes just a few days after Chris was spotted throwing up gang signs in the club. Check out the clip below.

Oh, and let us not forget about his homage to Piru from back when he was in Hawaii.

Maybe this is why he and Karrueche split

Do you think Chris is really ’bout that life?

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