Throw Him Under The Jail: Texas Dad Allegedly Choked 2-Year-Old Daughter While on FaceTime with Girl's Mom

There are so sick people in this world

via: People

A 25-year-old Texas man is accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter during a police chase and while he was on FaceTime call with the girl’s mother.

On Monday morning, Deontray Flanagan picked up his daughter, Zevaya Flanagan, from her daycare. Then, he went to Walmart, where Zevaya’s mother worked, and allegedly demanded to see her cell phone, KRPC 2 reports, citing court documents. Once she gave him the cell phone, he allegedly hit her multiple times, then fled with Zevaya in a vehicle.

A police chase ensued. Eventually Zevaya’s mother — who was identified by ABC 13 as Kairsten Watson — made contact with Flanagan on FaceTime while using the phone of Zevaya’s grandmother, who was also working at Walmart, according to the outlet.

However, Flanagan allegedly grew angry after he asked for the cell phone password, but didn’t receive it. The court documents allege Flanagan then started hitting and choking Zevaya while Watson was still on FaceTime and watching the attack on her daughter, KRPC 2 reports.

The court documents allege that after Flanagan and Watson ended the call, he then called his stepfather and said Zevaya “was gone.” According to KFYR-TV, the police pursuit lasted for 45 minutes. Once Flanagan was apprehended, Zevaya was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Flanagan has been charged with murder and is currently being held on $2 million bail. It is unclear if he has entered a plea or retained an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

Watson told ABC 13 that she’s had multiple past issues involving Flanagan.

“I told [the authorities] over and over and over that something was going to be wrong,” Watson said, ABC 13 reports. “They could have at least tried to find him, but even with his past, no. I said, ‘Are y’all going to wait until something happens to her?'”

Watson says she showed authorities messages where Flanagan threatened to harm Zevaya, ABC 13 reports.

“They didn’t believe me,” Watson said. “They thought I was just making this up, and he was the father.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Kaci Watson, Zevaya’s aunt, also spoke to ABC 13 about her niece.

“She was probably just thinking, ‘Why?’ Like, ‘Dad, what did I do?'” Kaci Watson told the outlet. “And she didn’t do anything. She didn’t do anything but love him and be a joy to the world, and he’s just an evil person.”

A GoFundMe has been created to help with Zevaya’s funeral expenses.

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