Thomas Markle Trashes ‘Cruel’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — Begs to See Grandkids

Meghan Markle’s dad says his daughter and her hubby, Prince Harry, are straight-up cruel for shutting him out of his grandchildren’s lives.

via: New York Post

Sitting down with “Good Morning Britain” on Monday, Thomas, 79, made the impassioned plea stating he was desperate to see his grandkids, according to the Mail Online.

“I’m very upset about it as well because this is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent,” he told hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley. “To deny the right to see their grandchild.”

He claimed that due to California law, he “can actually sue to see them,” but later added that “he didn’t want to do that.”

“The other thing is I’ve done nothing wrong. There’s nothing that points to say I’m a bad guy,” Thomas continued. “I’m a really loving father and she knows that, and there’s no excuse for treating me this way — no excuse to treat grandparents that way.”

Harry and Meghan are parents of son Archie, 3, and daughter Lilibet. The Post reached out to the couple for comment.

“Meghan lived with me from sixth grade to high school and I never saw anything like that,” Thomas recalled about the “Suits” alum in the interview. “I never saw the kind of woman she turned into. I am shocked.”

According to her father, “She is not the person I knew as my daughter.”

When asked by the moderator if he believed that Prince Harry had an effect on her behavior, he insisted that it was the other way around.

“I think she has an influence on Harry more than he does on her,” Thomas confidently stated. “King Charles has done nothing wrong too and he is denied the kids as well as I am.”

Meghan’s relationship with her father became strained in 2018 shortly before her wedding to Prince Harry, and has only continued to sour after the Hollywood director suffered a stroke last year.

Despite the Duchess of Sussex’s harsh treatment, Thomas said “I am always here for her, I still love her — I’ll love her forever.”

He continued: “That will never change but I want her to reach out to me and let me see my grandkids and let me have a little peace.”

The live interview comes shortly after Thomas claimed that he had no knowledge or involvement in a royal sightseeing tour that was organized by his friend Karl Larsen.

“I never gave my approval to Karl Larsen for any tour anywhere,” he told Mail Online. “I am not involved in any way.” Potential sightseers (up to six at a time) were promised an “in-depth tour” of the area where Meghan grew up and where she and her husband call home.

In the since-deleted ad viewed by The Post, Larsen wrote in the description, “I’m the world-famous celebrity photographer Karl Larsen, a best friend of Thomas Markle (Meghan’s father) and the guy with a stunning exclusive portfolio of pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together in Montecito.”

Larsen has since deleted the post and claimed that he had “no intentions” of driving past the Sussexes’ house.

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