There’s a Petition to ‘Stop Interviewing’ Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and It’s Received Over 12K Signatures |

There’s a Petition to ‘Stop Interviewing’ Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and It’s Received Over 12K Signatures

The people are tired of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

As of Thursday evening, a petition has collected over 12,000 signatures demanding that the media stop interviewing the power couple.

via Complex:

The “Stop interviewing Will and Jada Smith!” page was created by user Dexter Morales on Nov. 26. By midday Thursday, 11,209 people had signed, more than doubling the initial goal of 5,000 signatures. The target is now 15K.

In the comments section, signatories expressed their frustration with the Hollywood couple’s propensity to overshare intimate details about their marriage. “I’ve learned more about this family in the past 3 months than i have in the last 10 years,” one person commented. Another wrote, “I’m sick and tired of hearing the BS that goes on in their personal lives. It’s exhausting. I’ve muted their names everywhere, AND STILL SEE THIS!! … Make it STOP!!!”

The petition arrives a month Will Smith sat down for an interview with Good Morning America where he revealed he and Jada are working on “unconditional love.” He explained with good humor, “We are pursuing the kind of love that everybody dreams about. And we just know that the road don’t look like everybody think it’s supposed to look. But…don’t try this at home, children.”

In September, Will explained to Wesley Lowery in a GQ cover story that his wife wasn’t “the only one engaging in other sexual relationships.” He admitted that while their arrangement isn’t for everyone, it allowed them to reach a place in their two-decade-plus marriage that the 53-year-old actor believes to be “the highest definition of love.” 

“We have given each other trust and freedom, with the belief that everybody has to find their own way,” he explained. “And marriage for us can’t be a prison.”

Also in the lead-up to the Nov. 9 release of his new memoir Will, excerpts revealed intimate details about the King Richard star’s personal life, including falling in love with his co-star in the 1993 film Six Degrees of Separation, Stockard Channing; feeling insecure about Jada’s close relationship with the late 2Pac; the day his mother walked in on him having sex with his high school girlfriend; and having so much sex that orgasming basically repulsed him.

Jada-generated headlines are just as frequent—thanks in large part to her confessional Red Table Talk series with daughter Willow and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris—and include material on her sex life, considering a Brazilian butt lift, passing out on set from ecstasy, and many more. 50 Cent was recently compelled to question on Instagram, “Why she keep doing shit like this? it makes the relationship appear weak.”

We have a feeling we haven’t nearly seen (or heard) the last of Will and Jada.

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