That's Nasty: TikToker Goes Viral for Creating Jewelry Made Out of Semen [Video]

A Canadian jewelry-maker wants people to wear n*t around their necks.

via Complex:

TikToker Amanda Booth made headlines this month for her “Jizzy Jewelry”—a collection of custom-made accessories crafted from semen. According to Vice, Booth is known for creating pieces made from unconventional mediums and material, including everything from hair and pet fur to breastmilk and a late person’s ashes; however, the concept of “jizzy jewelry” was conceived after another TikTok user asked if she ever thought about incorporated “man juice” in her creations.

Booth told the outlet she was amused by the suggestion, and jokingly shared the idea on Facebook. And it wasn’t long before the inquiries began pouring in and Booth began exploring her options. She said she first recruited her husband Jesse Mullin to provide her with a sample, which she would use to determine just how much cum she would need to create a small sculpture.

Booth eventually found that “at least a teaspoon” of semen was necessary to create the clay mixture, which would be formed into different shapes and objects before it is baked. 

“It turned out fantastic,” she said about her test runs, which resulted in pearl-like beads.

Since sharing her first Jizzy Jewelry piece last month, Booth has been flooded with requests for semen-based necklaces, rings, and bracelets. 

“Whether you are marking your fertility journey, getting a vasectomy gift, surprising your partner or just want to be that much closer  we can turn your jizz into a real gem!” reads Booth’s website, Trinkets by Amanda Booth. “We love being inclusive over in the Trinkets world so both male and female jizz can be used!”

Those who are interested in Jizzy Jewelry are urged to email Booth at [email protected] or send her a Facebook DM. All customers are required to provide a semen sample, and mail it in a container that won’t spill or leak.

The process was for a lack of better words… fun!” Jizzy Jewelry customer Krizma told Vice. “I can tell you, we have a lot of sex already but when you are trying to make your significant other put sperm into something so you can send it off to be sculpted, that’s a whole other level of sex and intimacy. You know how when you’re trying to have a baby and you guys are screwing like you’ve got a point to prove?… you’re on a mission! That’s kind of how this felt. We are always looking for new and exciting things to add to our sex life, and this was our next experiment!”

Not only is this just nasty, but this lady is really asking strangers to send her semen.


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