Teyana Taylor Opens Up About Kicking Jeremih Off His Own Tour: 'Don't Try and Play Me' [Video]

Teyana Taylor sat down with the ladies of ‘The Real’ and opened all the way up about what really happened when she kicked Jeremih off and took over their co-headlining tour earlier this year.

via Complex:

“[He] did little to none, like any promo, so it was just like, when we got there and the concerts were sold out and different things like that. It was like when we got there, everything was Jeremih. His name was on everything, like, my name wasn’t even on the ticket.”

Still, Jeremih chose to call her his “opener”: “I’m working my behind off and you call me your opener during one of the shows but then go on radio and say, ‘But I got love for her, you know, it’s all love,’ and try to make it seem like you’re taking the high road,” she explained. “It’s like no, because if you had love for me, you would have never tried to play me live.”

Taylor didn’t hesitate when she knew what she had to do. “When he said what he said, that’s when I kind of pressed him about it over text. This is when we were in Toronto, so he kind of admitted that he did say it. I was like, ‘You know what? This tour is done.’ He said, ‘Let’s just let it be done,’” she said. “My thing is, if I’m just the opener, I shouldn’t have the power to say that this tour is done. So you already knew what I brought to the table, regardless. It was like, don’t try to play me.”

Check out the interview below:

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