Terry Crews Puts Russell Simmons on Blast for Asking That He Give Sexual Assaulter Adam Venit 'a Pass' and Get Him His Job Back

Russell Simmons has some nerve.

Terry Crews took to Twitter to reveal that the mogul sent him an email asking he forgive Adam Venit, the head of Hollywood’s WME who sexually assaulted him AND ask that he get his job back.

Specifically, Russell asked that Adam gets ‘a pass.’

“Did he ever apologize [?] Give the agent a pass ask that he be reinstated. With great love, all things are possible.” Russell’s message to Terry reads.

Terry responded as we all would, saying,“NO ONE GETS A PASS.”

Russell Simmons signed with WME back in 2013, so obviously he has/had a good relationship with Adam. It’s upsetting to see whose side Russell’s on in this matter.

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