Terrence Howard Owed Petey Pablo $200, Paid Him $15,000 for His Appearance On 'Empire' [Photos]


Did you catch last night’s episode of Empire? If not, you may have missed Terrance Howard and Petey Pablo’s new song “Snitch Bitch”– a song that ‘Lucious’ recorded while still in prison!

Petey’s appearance came as a surprise to everyone, but what’s even more surprising is how it all came to be. Terrence got Petey the role as payback for still owing him $200 from back in 2005.

via Vulture:

Here’s the story Pablo told Raleigh’s WRAL: The two ran into each other at a Hustle & Flow premiere party back in 2005, where Howard had apparently lost his wallet. Pablo kindly loaned Howard $200, then never heard from him again … until Pablo received a call from Howard out of the blue earlier this year offering to repay him. Instead of simply Venmo-ing him the cash, Howard invited Pablo to appear on Empire and write four songs for Lucious, including “Snitch Bitch,” on which Pablo is featured. He even settled his old debt with added interest that totaled $15,000. My hitta, my hitta, my hitta!

Now, that’s what you call being a friend!

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