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Tekashi 6ix9ine Facing His Bank Accounts Being Seized Over $120k Credit Card Debt Following Arrest in Dominican Republic

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested Sunday in the Dominican Republic after he was accused of beating up music producers. And that’s not the only legal issue 6ix9ine is dealing with.

via: Radar Online

The rapper blew off a lawsuit over an unpaid credit card bill — and now, his bank account is at risk of being seized.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, American Express has fired off a series of subpoenas to various financial institutions where they believe the rainbow-haired rapper [real name: Daniel Hernandez] may hold his money.

Recently, the credit card company said they do not believe Tekashi has physical assets to seize and instead want to try his bank accounts.

The recent subpoena was fired off to PNC Bank which has yet to respond to the request by American Express.

As RadarOnline.com first reported, back in August, Tekashi was hit with a default judgment of $119,488 in the case after failing to respond despite being served with the legal paperwork.

In the original lawsuit, American Express accused Tekashi of defaulting on his payments in November 2022.

The company demanded that Tekashi be ordered to pay the unpaid balance of $118,387.

The drama with the credit card debt comes as Tekashi was arrested in the Dominican Republic.

Over the weekend, the rapper was taken into custody at the Hotel Balcones del Atlántico in Sánchez. A warrant had been issued by prosecutor Aura Luv Garcia, according to reports.

Tekashi allegedly beat up music producers in the country in a tiff over the rapper’s girlfriend Yalin.

Yalin was working in the studio with male producers. Teskashi reportedly arrived at the studio with his team and became enraged at how close the producers were with Yalin.

Sources claimed Tekashi attempted to book a private jet to flee the country. However, the rapper was reportedly blocked after the charter company checked with immigration and the warrant popped up.

The drama comes months after Tekashi was brutally beat up in a gym locker room in Florida. The assault was captured on camera and showed the rapper being viciously kicked while he lay on the floor.

Three men were arrested over the incident. Law enforcement sources said they believe the assault was done in retaliation for Tekashi snitching on gang members.

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