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Tamar Braxton Sued By Agents for Allegedly Not Paying Them After Making $75,000 Per Episode On ‘Get Ya Life’

Tamar Braxton is being sued by her agents who claim the reality star is refusing to pay their commissions on the salary she received for her newest show, ‘Get Ya Life’ — and a few others.

via The Blast:

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Tamar was sued in L.A. County Court for allegedly stiffing her agents on massive commissions they claim to be owed on several projects including a giant 75,000 per episode fee she gets for her new reality show.

In the lawsuit, Patheon Talent Agency claims they are owed 10 percent of everything Braxton makes on the show — including several others like ‘To Catch a Beautician’ and ‘Hip Hop Squares.’

According to the lawsuit, the company claims in 2016 they entered into an “oral contract” with Tamar Braxton to represent the reality star as her talent agents and were to receive 10 percent of anything she made on television.

The suit says the company “procured employment” for Braxton to appear on a new docu-series called “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!” which they negotiated and entered into a contract at the monster fee of $75,000 per episode. If correct, the companies take would be $7,500 in connection with any episode of the show.

At this point, the company accuses Braxton of stiffing them on the payments.

The company also claims they negotiated another huge deal for the reality star to appear on “To Catch a Beautician” which she earns $30,000 per episode as the host of the program.

Again, they accuse Braxton of not paying them the $3,000 for each time she appeared on the show. As for ‘Hip Hop Squares’ the price was $17,350 and a few other spots they claim to have helped her snag in the TV business.

All together, Pantheon claims they are owed over six figures in commissions and only filed a lawsuit as a ‘last resort.’

In the filing, the company accuses Tamar Braxton of “inexplicably turning her back on Pantheon and the contributions it made to help propel her career.” Adding, “Instead she has brazenly chosen to flatly ignore” their request for payment.

As we reported, Tamar blasted producers of the reality show along with the other highly successful show, ‘Braxton Family Values’ for exploiting a tragic event in her life for profit. We broke the story, the reality star was rushed to a hospital after an apparent suicide attempt involving alcohol and prescription medication. We’re also told Tamar was VERY upset at the editing on ‘Get Ya Life!’ and how it portrayed her life.

Man — 2020 has been putting Tamar through the wringer, hasn’t it?

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