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Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Husband Vince Herbert Refusing To Pay $380,000 Judgment, Financial Woes Worsen

Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Vince Herbert’s financial problems continue to worsen as he refuses to pay up on $380,000 owed to a credit.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, LDNX Records filed a new legal action against Herbert’s company, Streamline Records in New York Court.

LDNX Records is owed $380,000 from Herbert stemming from a previous lawsuit. They have been trying to collect the money for over a year. They have even gotten creative and tried to see if Herbert was owed money from artists, he worked with including Lady Gaga and Remy Ma.

In the newly filed documents, LDNX explains they obtained a judgment against Herbert in the amount of $380,492.63. The documents note, “Despite Plaintiff’s repeated efforts to obtain payment from Defendant relating to the Award, Defendant has failed and refused to pay any portion of the Award.”

LDNX is asking the court to enter judgment in New York to allow them to begin the process of seizing Herbert’s property and assets. The want the judgment entered in, The sum of THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-TWO AND 63/100 DOLLARS ($380,492.63), with interest from June 26, 2017, plus costs, is actually due and owing from Defendant to Plaintiff.”

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In court documents, LDNX informed the court Herbert owes Sony Music over $3.7 million in a separate lawsuit. They fear Herbert is using Streamline Records in an attempt to hide money from them and other creditors. They asked the court to grant a restraining order which would prohibit Streamline Records from transferring any money or assets.

During the court battle, LDNX has accused Herbert of failing to turn over financial records and demanded he be found in contempt of court. Herbert has blown off the case for several months. He has a pattern of refusing to address legal matters including his divorce from Tamar Braxton, which he never bothered to respond to in court.

A judge has yet to rule on LDNX’s lawsuit.

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