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T.I. Says Gun Control “Sounds Like An Oxymoron” In The United States [Video]

Clifford “T.I.” Harris has had several run-ins with the law.

via: Vibe

T.I. offered his opinion on gun control in the United States as a guest on Comedy Central’s late-night show Hell of a Week with Charlamagne tha God. Speaking with its host Charlamagne, comedian Tommy Davidson, and political commentator Kristen Soltis Anderson, the Atlanta rapper explained his thoughts on the polarizing political issue.

“Gun control in this country, that sounds like an oxymoron, a little bit,” stated the self-proclaimed King of the South. “The country was founded on firepower, who has the most ability to pose the biggest threat.”

“How about more than just an ID to get one [firearm]? They already do background checks. That’s not necessarily enough because they don’t arrest you for being a crazy white person. As long as you have managed to bypass the legal system and you’re 21, that’s all you need.”

He continued, “And once you get a license, in every other industry or any other license you can have, whether it’s a driver’s license, a barber’s license, a CDL license, you have to renew it. At a certain period in time they reevaluate whether or not you should be eligible to still have this license – are you responsible? A gun license you can get at 18 and keep it until you’re 80…People change.”

In October 2007, the Trap Muzik rapper was arrested and charged with possession of firearms by a convicted felon, and possession of unregistered machine guns and silencers. He was released in 2009. While incarcerated, Charlamagne tha God wrote an open letter to T.I. which was exclusively published on VIBE.

Hell of a Week with Charlamagne tha God is described as a “hilarious and off-the-cuff” program “bolstering the late-night talk show format that churns America’s news into digestible soundbites.”

The series airs on Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

Check out the clip of the Gun Control discussion below.

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