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T.J. Holmes Admits He ‘Didn’t Want to Fall in Love’ with Amy Robach ‘But It Happened’

On the latest episode of their podcast, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes get candid about battling shame.

During the most recent episode of their podcast Amy & T.J., which was filmed live in New York City on June 10, the former GMA3 host discussed how the couple’s relationship started.

At the time, Holmes and Robach were co-hosts on the third hour of GMA3: What You Need to Know; Holmes was married to ex Marilee Fiebig and Robach was married to Andrew Shue.

“Let me make this as transparent as we can. We didn’t mean to fall in love. We didn’t expect to fall in love. We didn’t even realize we were falling in love,” he said during the episode. “Given all that was on the line, you could even argue, we didn’t want to fall in love, which seems like an odd thing to say about the woman you’re sitting on stage with that you claim to be in love with. I don’t wanna be in love with you. That’s a weird thing to think. But we didn’t. It wasn’t what we were planning for, but it happened. It did.”

Holmes, 46, acknowledged that pursuing a relationship with Robach, 51, became a decision he couldn’t ignore.

“When it’s right there in front of you, life is too short, and you have to go for it,” he explained. “We’re not at all endorsing anybody going for it at all costs … and everybody else be damned. That’s not what we’re saying, and that is not what we did.”

“We absolutely made missteps along the way,” Holmes continued. “But there are reasons and experiences we’ve had in our lives that informed the decision we made, which is a very deliberate one, to be together. And a part of that is life is short, and you gotta go for it.”

Robach and Holmes’ relationship became public in November 2022 after they were photographed getting cozy together at a New York City bar and displaying PDA. Though Holmes and Robach have said they were both separated from their spouses at the time, that news had not yet been public so outsiders were shocked to see the coworkers together romantically. Holmes and Fiebig settled their divorce a few weeks later, while Robach later finalized her divorce from Shue in March, per Page Six.

Over the last year, the pair have become more public about their relationship, with outings at home and abroad, which included their red carpet debut as a couple at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball 2023.

Holmes and Robach launched their podcast in December 2023, using the platform to discuss their relationship and interview guests such as Gavin Rossdale, Rachel Platten and Cheryl Burke. In January, the couple recorded an emotionally raw episode, in which they candidly spoke about their issues, including their “communication kinks.”

via: People

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