T.I. & Tiny's Daughter, Zonnique Pullins, Arrested at Atlanta Airport for Trying to Get a Gun Through Security


Zonnique Pullins, daughter rap artist T.I., was arrested and charged for carrying a weapon or long gun through security at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

via CBS:

Police said Zonnique Pullins, the daughter of rapper T.I. and a former member of OMG Girlz, attempted to go through security lane 10 at the airport when an x-ray machine picked up on something in her purse. That item was later confirmed to be a 380 Ruger pistol complete with a clip and five rounds.

Pullins said she had a weapons permit but, when police could not locate it, she was placed under arrest.

Pullins was taken to Clayton County Jail and her weapon was taken by the City of Atlanta.

Girl, why?

P.S. For those of you confused, Zonnique is (technically) Tiny’s daughter from her previous relationship with Zonnie “Zeboe” Pullins.

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