T-Boz Slams Nicki Minaj for Judging American Idol: 'Why is she there?' [Video]

UPDATE: T-Boz has addressed her comments via Twitter:

We don’t know what has T-Boz so fired up, but she definitely isn’t holding back her thoughts when it comes to reality singing competitions and the people who judge them. T-Boz sat down with Max of This Is Max while over in London for the MOBO awards, and had some pretty harsh words for Nicki Minaj and her American Idol position. Read on and watch the clip below!

“Just because you’re on TV gyrating and boning and sucking penises, it’s not talent, honey. Maybe in the porn industry, but over here, we entertain. I don’t respect half [of] the people I’ve seen lately.

How the hell is she gon’ tell me what I should be doing when her azz can’t even sing. Why is she there? And then…now they’ve got rappers that don’t even sing judging? So, this is totally based off of popularity I guess. I mean, to each their own. Get your money, honey. All I’m saying is, I will never watch [your] shows again.”

via VH1

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