Sukihana Explains Viral “Musician” Moment With Bobbi Althoff: “I Say Who I Am” |

Sukihana Explains Viral “Musician” Moment With Bobbi Althoff: “I Say Who I Am”

Sukihana clarified her recent comments after stating “I’m not a musician” during an interview on The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff.

via: Vibe

The rapper and reality star sat with the dry-humor host, who asked Suki if she considers herself a “musician.” Taken back, Suki asserted that she is not, and began a back-and-forth with Althoff over the label — even assuming that the aspiring comedian meant “magician.”

“You’re a musician, that’s why I’m interviewing you today to get to know you,” Althoff started before Suki jumped in with, “What the f**k that mean? Make magic or something? What is a musician? I’m not no musician, I make music. That’s not all I do. I act, I’m a TV star too.”

“I’m not confusing nothing because you thought that’s all I was, was a magician or whatever the f**k you said,” she continued.

The “Eating” rapper then took to X on Wednesday (Feb. 7) to back her claims of not being a musician.

“I say who I am and that’s a MOGUL,” she wrote with a repost of the clip. “Suki ain’t no musician she is a mogul.”

However, Suki’s explanation didn’t stop social media from running wild with jokes about the sarcastic moment.

So Sukihana thought the girl was callin her a ‘magician’…BUT she called her a ‘Musician’..which is what she is..ayooo,” wrote one person on X, as another said, “Why would anyone think Sukihana doesn’t actually known what the word musician is….. omg……”

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