Steve Bannon says he Warned Trump of Coronavirus in January

In early President Donald days, then-White House strategist Steve Bannon took over like a jug of Lysol. His mantra? Clean, vacuum, disinfect the swamp. In quick time, however, Bannon soon mounted up and rode off into the sunset.

He and DJT still communicate. He informed the president — in January — about this killer virus.

A) He knows China. B) Spent time in Wuhan. C) Has key sources. D) Recognized its government was concealing illness figures. E) No carbon was being produced. F) NASA satellite photos showed China’s industrial shutdown.

Bannon began shortwave radio podcast War Room — Pandemic — which the Web site translates into Mandarin and Cantonese. It’s broadcast on international radio networks, online at, 11?a.m. daily on YouTube — 3.8 million daily downloads, 250 million listeners worldwide.

Fearing the entire system could come down, alarmed Chinese specialists, medical and financial, contacted him early. Medicines, computers, cellphone parts, much comes out of China. Talk began of starting some form of supply chain.

[via Page Six]

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