Stephen A. Smith Praises Taylor Swift Concert After Dropping $20,000 on Tickets for Himself, Daughters, and Friends

Stephen A. Smith can be added to the growing number of people in the sports world who have enjoyed a Taylor Swift live performance.

via: Complex

According to Stephen A., he spent $20,000 on tickets, simply because his daughters asked several friends to join. Being the proud father he is, Smith secured the tickets at $2,000 a pop.

“I have two daughters…Teenagers have friends,” he explained on a recent episode of his Stephen A. Smith Show. “And so, when your dad is perceived as having money… and you got daughters that opened their mouths and promises them that daddy’s going to get them tickets…ladies and gentlemen I had to get ten tickets. Them damn things was $2,000 a piece. Two times ten is $20,000!”

Smith continued by calling Swift’s show the “best concert I’ve ever been to in my life.” The TV personality, who called Taylor’s performance “sensational,” confirmed that he’s more than willing to throw down money to see her live again.

“That’s the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life,” Smith shared. “Excuse my language, but that shit was off the chain. Taylor Swift brought the damn house down. I was jamming to Taylor Swift! She was sensational. I’d pay to see her again. Seriously, I’m not joking. She was a superstar that night. That girl is special.”

Watch Stephen A. Smith’s full rant about Taylor Swift’s concert in the video up top.

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