Stephen Dorff Says He’s ‘Embarrassed’ for Scarlett Johansson Over ‘Garbage’ ‘Black Widow’ [Video]

Black Widow will finally hit theaters later this week, but don’t expect actor Stephen Dorff to be in line for a ticket anytime soon.

via: Complex

In a new interview with The Independent, the 47-year-old actor unleashed on the upcoming MCU movie Black Widow, and the Marvel machine writ large.

“I still hunt out the good shit because I don’t want to be in Black Widow,” Dorff said. “It looks like garbage to me. It looks like a bad video game. I’m embarrassed for those people. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett [Johansson]! I’m sure she got paid five, seven million bucks, but I’m embarrassed for her. I don’t want to be in those movies. I really don’t. I’ll find that kid director that’s gonna be the next [Stanley] Kubrick and I’ll act for him instead.”

The True Detective actor continued, saying that this year’s Academy Awards was also not up to par, calling the era we’re living in a “clusterfuck of content.”

“This year’s Oscars were the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen,” he shared. “My business is becoming a big game show. You have actors that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. You have filmmakers that don’t have a clue what they’re doing. We’re all in these little boxes on these streamers. TV, film – it’s all one big clusterfuck of content now.”

Others have taken less direct shots at the MCU recently too, like original Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno, who tweeted that he “can’t think of another superhero that isn’t in costume or CGI,” per The Hollywood Reporter. But, of course, none of this is getting in the way of this week’s release of Black Widow, which finally hits theaters on Friday.

He’s not wrong about the Oscars this year, they really should have been postponed a year.

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