Stephen Belafonte Says Mel B's Divorce Narrative Is All Lies: 'She Has No Proof, Just Allegations'

Stephen Belafonte took to Instagram to share an exclusive report about his divorce from Mel B.

In the article he linked, Stephen accuses his ex-wife of lying about all of the horrific things that allegedly transpired during their marriage.

He wrote:

“I have been very quiet to Melanie’s lies because I wanted to protect my children but now with this book full of lies that contradicts everything that she said in her deposition her story has changed so many times. She has no proof just allegations I came to court with all the proof and walked away victoriously has she settled with Lorraine and myself so the truth could not come out then turned around and wrote a book full of lies that contradicts everything that she said in her deposition!!”

According to Stephen, Mel B’s new book accuses him of things he’d never do.

‘She said horrifically bizarre things – that I beat her, I ran a pornography company, I was a sex trafficker, I beat our dog, random things to garner some attention.

I could not stop what Melanie started. She made these allegations to get a tactical advantage. She wanted everything, all the money and full custody of Madison.

She knows when she goes out and makes these allegations, they’re going to go everywhere, she did it purposefully. She did it to try to bash me so I would have to take her deal.

But she doesn’t understand one thing about me – I could lose it all, but I’m never gonna lose my daughter. When she took her away I just had to work harder to get her back.’

We’re inclined to believe Mel, but if you care to read Stephen’s version of events click here.

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