Stacey Dash Thinks Casting the Very White Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson Is a Win for Diversity


We told you last week that Joseph Fiennes has been cast to play Michael Jackson in an upcoming 9/11 film — and most of us were in agreement that the casting choice was a little…odd.

Well, Stacey Dash thinks it’s perfect. In fact, she thinks it’s a win for diversity.

In her blog, she writes:

But I say, BRAVO!  I’m sick and tired of being told “Sorry, Stacey, this is a Caucasian-only role.”  Counterintuitively, this decision by Hollywood — which looks like a diss to blacks — is actually what we’ve been saying all along: roles should NOT be based on color.

Don’t believe me?  What’s the hottest ticket on Broadway right now?  Hamilton, the musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda based on the  biography written on Alexander Hamilton’s life.  The show, which pre-sold $10 Million worth of tickets, “uses mostly actors of color to play ‘old, dead white men.’”  It’s a hip hop, rap battle version of American history…  Thomas Jefferson is black. Alexander Hamilton is Puerto Rican.  LOVE it.

I don’t care about the race of the actors portraying historical figures and I can’t wait to see Joseph’s portrayal of Jackson… It’ll be amazing as long as he plays him truthfully and authentically.

This decision throws that white-only card out the window.  They can’t look at black actors and say, “Sorry this role is Caucasian-only.” Roles should not be dictated by race.  There’s no reason why the lead roles in Homeland, Veep, or Penny Dreadfulhave to  be white (my favorite shows by the way).  I want to see more of this diversity and thinking outside of the box with the equality that this designation entails –  this is the right track. 

Yes, I’m asking for a lot.  Yes, I’m going against the flow of traffic.  Yes, I will receive hate over this.

Alright, Stacey.



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