‘Squid Game: The Challenge’: Netflix Unveils Trailer & Launch Date For Reality Series With $4.56M Prize Fund [Video] | lovebscott.com

Netflix have released a trailer for their upcoming reality show based on “Squid Game.”

via: Deadline

There have been bumps along the way, but Squid Game: The Challenge has pushed on and today’s teaser shows the 456 contestants competing in a range of games inspired by the hit Korean show – Netflix’s most-watched of all time.

Contestants will compete in challenges that were in the show plus “surprising new additions,” according to the logline, with dozens eliminated as the game progresses. The colossal $4.56M prize fund is by far and away the highest for a competition format.

The show is produced by UK indies Studio Lambert and The Garden. The production process hit several snags.

Various publications detailed issues during filming, when a cold snap in Britain created complications at Cardington Studios, a former Royal Air Force base in Bedford, and Netflix confirmed that three of the 456 players received medical attention during the filming of ‘Red Light, Green Light,’ in which players must evade the attention of a menacing robotic doll. A spokeswoman said at the time that “all the appropriate safety precautions” had been taken by the show, with Deadline revealing that Britain’s Health and Safety Executive reminded producers to plan properly for risk but ultimately decided that no further action was necessary.

Squid Game: The Challenge is exec-produced by Nicola Brown (The Garden), Tim Harcourt (Studio Lambert), John Hay (The Garden), Toni Ireland (Studio Lambert), Anna Kidd, Stephen Lambert (Studio Lambert), Louise Peet, Nia Yemoh (Studio Lambert) and Stephen Yemoh (Studio Lambert).

Netflix’s Squid Game reality series, which launches November 22.

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