So Sad: Bronx Teen Stabbed to Death by Homeless Man Who Wanted More than the $2 Donation Offered


Carl Ducasse, an aspiring attorney in the Bronx, was stabbed to death on Saturday by a homeless man who felt his $2 donation wasn’t big enough. The killer is still on the run.

via NY Daily News:

“The homeless guy wanted more,” said a weeping Angela Ducasse, the slain teen’s mother. “He died because of $2. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

The victim’s parents, surrounded by a dozen family members and friends, sat in their home about a block from the murder scene at E. 175th St. and Walton Ave. in Mount Hope.

A small memorial with lit candles appeared within hours of the killing outside the teen’s home.

Cops confirmed Ducasse was approached by a man asking for money, with an argument ensuing before a second man armed with a knife appeared and attacked the teen.

No arrests were made in the killing, cops said.

Angela Ducasse said her son, after handing over the cash, bent down to pick up his dropped phone before the killer struck. The suspect apparently stole the dying teen’s phone after he collapsed to the sidewalk.

Carl Ducasse, the youngest of three kids, was rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital but could not be saved, officials said.

“He was never a kid of the streets,” said Angela Ducasse. “He was a regular teenager. He was never arrested. He said he wanted to be a lawyer.

“We already bought his graduation clothes.”

A friend who was with Carl when the attack happened about 11:20 p.m. told the family about the confrontation. Dad Carlos Ducasse, 49, said the suspect lived in a nearby homeless shelter.

Fighting back tears on the eve of Father’s Day, Carlos talked of his son’s lost future.

“He wanted to go to college,” the dad said. “He wanted to be prepared for life.” 


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