Snoop Dogg Impersonator Infiltrates NFT Conference, Real Snoop Dogg Reacts [Video]

A Snoop Dogg impersonator tricked crowds at an NFT conference in New York into believing he was the real deal in a stunt designed to show how easy fakery in the industry is.

via: Vibe

Snoop Dogg has been making his presence felt in the cryptocurrency world as of late, so when fans spotted what appeared to be the rap icon strolling around the NFT.NYC conference in Times Square this past Monday (June 21), it wasn’t far-fetched to think that he’d come to partake in the festivities.

However, the man in question—who even had a security detail surrounding him—was actually an impersonator of Snoop. NBC News Reporter Kevin Collier confirmed the impersonator after receiving a scoop from a member of the doppelgänger’s team.

“I’m at the NFT NYC conference again in Times Square, and Snoop walked by, flanked by security,” Collier wrote on Twitter. “I grabbed his handler, said I’m a reporter, would love a few minutes. The guy said actually that’s an impersonator, legally can’t say it’s him, they hired him to drum up excitement.”

While it’s unclear whether the impersonator was hired by the organizers of the conference or Snoop himself, Tha Doggfather got in on the fun, retweeting Collier’s post and acknowledging the look-alike’s visible “Doop Snogg” name tag.

As for Snoop, his plans to flip the entire NFT industry “on its head” and “make major noise” are in full swing. The legendary multihyphenate recently spoke with VIBE about entering the metaverse and how its the latest wrinkle in his continued evolution.

“I’m always trying to innovate,” he said. “When you keep your mind open to new ideas every year, this is when good opportunities come. I didn’t understand it at first, but once you get it, there’s no turning back.”

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