Simone Biles Loses Her Sweatpants in Viral Handstand Challenge [Video]

Jake Gyllenhaal can sit down.

Superstar Olympic gymnast Simone Biles just killed the handstand challenge that he and other stars have been competing for on social media.

23-year-old Biles took the challenge to an astonishing new level by managing to take off her sweatpants with her feet while in a prolonged handstand.

Tom Holland and Gyllenhaal first made the handstand T-shirt challenge go viral after Holland put a shirt on while doing a handstand, challenging others, and Gyllenhaal obliged.

He was then one-upped by hurdler Lolo Jones, who put on two T-shirts while upside down then took a sip of wine.

Biles’ impressive handstand and pants removal move sparked a wave of others trying it and posting their attempts on social media — apart from Chrissy Teigen who responded, “Simone I have to lay down and have someone else do it normally.”

[via Page Six]

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