Simone Biles Asks Social Media if They're Done Debating Her Marriage to Jonathan Owens [Photo + Video] |

Simone Biles Asks Social Media if They’re Done Debating Her Marriage to Jonathan Owens [Photo + Video]

Over the weekend, Jonathan Owens — the NFL player also known as Simone Biles’ husband — caught flak for saying on a podcast that he didn’t know who Biles was when they first met and that he is the “catch” in the pair’s relationship.

Simone had a simple question for social media users who have turned remarks made by Owens, regarding their relationship into a days-long debate about pride and ego: “Are y’all done yet?”

Owens appeared on the Dec. 20 episode of “The Pivot Podcast,” where he spoke about his football career, mental health and the origin story of his and 26-year-old Biles’ relationship.

His comments about considering himself “the catch” in their marriage and stating that he did not really know who she was, let alone her icon status, when they linked up on the dating app Raya in 2020 have been circulated across social platforms to no end. During the episode, Owens also spoke candidly about his wife pursuing him, a reality that he expressed gratitude for. Biles was present for the taping, and though seated away from the men, she gleefully quipped, “I know what I like, and I know what I want.”

Still, the podcast clip of her husband has prompted a flood of reactions, much of which is backlash for the football player. He appeared to respond to the discourse around his union when he posted a photo from their May wedding ceremony with a caption that read, “Unbothered. Just know we locked in over here.”

Retired NFL player and podcast host Ryan Clark also weighed in on the issue, first calling out those who have expressed outrage for not watching the full show. “He talked about the way Simone Biles has changed his life, how she has helped him, [and] how much their love and their journey and their story [are] all tied together,” said Clark.

“So, what is happening is [that] people sitting in their homes, whether married or unmarried, are now worried about this man and his relationship instead of being happy for two people who are excited to be together, two people who support one another wholeheartedly,” he continued before noting, “Just because you feel like he should be worshipping the gymnast Simone Biles doesn’t mean that you can’t respect that he’s in love with the woman Simone Biles.”

Watch below to hear what all Jonathan Owens had to say on “The Pivot Podcast” below.

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