Is Sienna Miller to Blame for Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez's Breakup?


Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne have been almost inseparable since sometime last year — but could their closeness be the reason Michelle Rodriguez and Cara didn’t work out?

Sources say their friendship was too much for Michelle to handle.

‘Sienna is relentless about wanting to spend time with Cara. She seems a bit obsessed,’ says a member of their inner circle.

‘When Cara was dating US actress Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna was always getting involved and it caused an issue.

She was always kissing Cara, which Michelle wasn’t keen on.’ Bisexual Cara and Rodriguez ended their romance in April.

Although Layer Cake star Sienna, 32, has her hands full as a new mum and lives with her fiance Tom Sturridge, sources claim she spends much of her spare time with Burberry model Cara, 21.

Just last month Cara revealed she even has a special pet name for the actress – ‘She’s my Schnoyster,’ Cara said. ‘We’re very much “schnoistering”.’

We really liked Cara and Michelle together — it’s a shame they let another woman come between them.


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