Shots Fired? Chris Brown Posts Questionable Tweet About Beyoncé & Jay Z [Video]


Did Chris Brown take a shot at Beyoncé and Jay Z?

As we were capturing tweets from his rant, we noticed he posted a Vine of Beyoncé’s ‘Bow Down’ performance with the caption:

looks familiar. Beyonce,U might as well go ahead and do this collab. JAY might have a problem wit it but this Piru

Is he calling out Bey for stealing some of his moves? Is Beyoncé’s jersey reminiscent of something from his Black Pyramids line? What about this ‘looks familiar’?

Maybe he just wants to collaborate with Beyoncé and knows Jay Z won’t like it because Jay still doesn’t like Chris’ as a result of his incident with Rihanna from back in 2009…

For those of you who don’t know, Piru is faction of the Bloods street gang in Compton.

We’re not exactly sure what he’s saying, but we do know that it doesn’t come across as very flattering.

What do you think he means? Take a look at the vine he posted below.

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