Shaun King Asks for Help Paying for Medical Procedures, Says He Needs Treatment for 'Occipital Neuralgia'

Shaun King is asking for donations — this time for a personal cause.

The activist took to social media to share that he’s been diagnosed with a painful nerve condition that’s left him unable to perform some basic functions without experiencing “excruciating” agony.

According to Shaun, his insurance won’t cover the recommended treatment — so he’s asking his supporters to help him pay for the medical procedures.

via NewsOne:

King said in an Instagram post that he is suffering from a condition called occipital neuralgia, which he called “the worst pain I’ve experienced in my adult life.” He said it was the result of a lingering spinal injury he said he sustained more than two decades ago.

“At times it hurts to move my head in any direction,” he wrote in the post on Tuesday that showed him smiling and holding up a peace sign with his fingers. “It can hurt to talk, chew, even blink my eyes. It can now hurt to touch my hair or even touch parts of my face. It’s awful.?”

King also said his doctors have identified some “promising procedures” to address his condition. However, those procedures would not be covered by his health insurance, he added.

“I just can’t afford to do them on my own, but I damn sure refuse to stay like this,” King said before asking for donations “to help my family cover the costs of this next round of procedures and the expenses of me being off of work and unable to help much at all otherwise.”

In a previous Instagram post from last week, King showed s similar photo of himself in the hospital and said he was there “having yet another procedure on my cervical spine.”

In that post, he asked for his followers’ “prayers.”

In both hospital posts, supporters filled his comments with well wishes.

Civil rights attorney and King’s longtime friend Lee Merritt tweeted on Wednesday that King was “suffering.” Merritt also said in the tweet that he “knew what people would say” when they saw King’s Instagram post. He asked his tens of thousands of followers to “help” King by donating online.

King has for years been dogged by unfounded allegations of scamming in an effort to line his pockets via online donations.

You can see Shaun’s post for yourself here.

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