Shaq Showing Off His Mangled Toes Is Something You Can't Unsee [Video] |

Shaq Showing Off His Mangled Toes Is Something You Can’t Unsee [Video]

Shaquille O’Neal decided to jump onto Instagram live with rapper Boosie and it ended up being one the funniest thing you have ever seen after Shaq decided to show off his mangled toes to the camera!

This video is by far the funniest thing you have seen all day, and it is something everyone needs at this point.

In the clip, Boosie invites Shaq to join his show your toes day on Instagram and the NBA legend goes for it…and it is CRAZY!

At first, Shaq does a quick showing off his toes and Boosie can’t believe his eyes! Shaq’s toes look the nail is missing from most of them, and they all look squished together.

Shaq explains to Boosie his toes are injuries of a long war on the basketball court. The baller explains he has been playing hard on his huge size 22 feet, from high school all the way through many years in the NBA. Boosie replies with ‘You are the GOAT’ and agrees with Shaq’s legendary play on the court. But, it doesn’t stop there…

Shaq then decides to break out the BABY OIL to ‘shine’ them up for Boosie and it is unreal!

O’Neal rubs on the oil and shows off his glimmering feet to the camera, and Boosie goes nuts! You have to see his reaction to seeing Shaq’s glistening toes…

“I can’t see the toes” Boosie says after seeing the feet, we think he is talking about the nails…but it is the funniest thing you have ever heard! Boosie literally falls out of his chair and ends up with his face down on the seat.

[via The Blast]

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