Shady Lady: Porsha Williams Claps Back at Teyana Taylor, Keeps Calling Her 'Tatiana' in the Process [Video]


Porsha Williams has addressed the controversy surrounding her ‘#Unbothered’ t-shirts.

If you recall, Teyana Taylor called Porsha out for using the phrase ‘unbothered’ because Teyana has an entire line by the same name.

Now, Porsha’s responding — and throwing a little bit of shade by continuously referring to Teyana as ‘Tatiana’.

She told her Dish Nation audience:

“I always remain unbothered. I’ve been saying ‘unbothered’ and ‘fleek’ like everybody else on Instagram. Like she said on my comments, I do follow Tatiana or whatever. I follow a lot of people who are in entertainment. I try to support a lot of our young black women doing it in music. I had no idea she had a clothing line. I really don’t have a problem with her having a clothing line called unbothered because my t-shirt is just a t-shirt line. It’s not a clothing line. Furthermore, I just wish Tatiana would’ve consulted her legal team because then she would know that she can’t even trademark the word unbothered anyway. I just thought it was a little distasteful to put the comment on Instagram instead of DM’ing me. She could’ve just DM’d me and said, ‘Hey Porsha, I’d rather you not da da da da,’ and I could’ve put ‘pretty on fleek’ or whatever else. It was just blown out of proportion.”

And in case you were  wondering, Porsha is still planning to release her shirts.

“I just want everyone to know that the shirt will be available for pre-order on Sunday.”

Tatiana Teyana took to Twitter/Instagram to pop off on Porsha even more, saying:

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Listen to what Porsha had to say below. Whose side are you on?

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