Shade? Kim Kardashian's Aunt Skips KimYe Wedding: 'I've been to Kim's weddings, two of them'

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Kim Kardashian’s aunt Karen Houghton will not be going to her niece’s wedding in Paris — and she says it’s because of the wildfires headed towards her Southern California home.

“I’ve been to Kim’s weddings, two of them, and I’ve been to Paris,” Houghton, the younger sister of Kris Jenner, told MailOnline, adding she thinks three times will indeed be the charm for her world-famous relative.

“I think it’s going to work, I mean look at Nori, how adorable,” she said. “I just love them and hope they’re happy.”

Houghton also told the outlet about the super-secretive nature of the nuptials, saying that her wedding-bound mother Mary Jo Shannon has pretty much been left in the dark about the itinerary, 

Houghton, a San Diego-based nurse, said the family kept checking up on her this week to see if she’d make it, but she described the local blazes as “absolutely the scariest thing I have ever been through,” causing her to evacuate from her home.

“I’m afraid to leave: the fire could go all over my c*ap,” the 55-year-old said. “If your house was going to burn down would you go to Paris? The fires are what screwed things up, I couldn’t do anything.

“I’m packing up my hall instead of packing for Paris.”

We don’t blame her. Kim and Kanye will be fine — save your house, girl!

[via Radar Online]

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