Serves Them Right! Buffalo Wild Wings Workers Fired for Making Black Customers Move After Complaint From Racist Regular

Several Buffalo Wild Wings employees have been fired from a suburban Illinois Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant after they asked a group of diners — some being Black —  to move because a regular customer did not want to sit near Black people.

via NYDN:

The group of 18 would-be customers of a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Naperville, Illinois, about 30 miles west of Chicago, had just been seated at the restaurant when, two members of the party said, they were asked to move because of the color of their skin, reported the Naperville Sun.

It was about 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 26, and Justin Vahl and Marcus Riley said that a host asked Vahl what his ethnicity was, and that a manager later on asked them to move.

Vahl’s wife, Mary Vahl, was also there.

“The host went up to my husband and asked, ‘What race are you guys?’” she wrote in a detailed Facebook post chronicling the incident. “My husband asked him why it mattered and the host responded that a table with two of their ‘regular customers’ were next to where we were to be seated and he didn’t want us sitting there because he’s ‘racist.’ ”

She noted that the “us” in question was a “group of minorities, mostly consisting of African-Americans.”

The “racist table” was pretty obvious, she said.

“We knew right away who it was because the guy was staring at us the entire time and giving us looks as we were being seated,” Mary Vahl wrote.

The manager even tried to tell them that the tables they’d been seated at were reserved, and that they had been put there by mistake.

However, the Naperville Sun learned, that location does not take reservations.

“It’s apparent that this staff knows these two individuals as they were playful with conversation and took their time to make our experience difficult,” Mary Vahl wrote in describing that evening. “In 2019, this type of behavior should not be accepted because of certain views.”

She suggested that those who want to choose who they sit near in public should probably stick to “the comfort of your own home.”

Amen to that.

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