Serena Williams Shares She’s “Not Ok” In Vulnerable Post To Her Fans |

Serena Williams Shares She’s “Not Ok” In Vulnerable Post To Her Fans

Serena Williams snuggled her 3-month-old daughter, Adira River, in a sweet photo after confessing she’s “not OK” in a candid tweet.

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Williams informed her fans that she is “not okay.” Williams is opening up three months after the birth of her daughter, Adira River. She took to X/Twitter on Tuesday (Nov. 28) to give her fans an update on her mental health.

While she admitted she wasn’t doing well, the tennis legend insisted that was okay. “I am not okay today. And that’s okay to not be okay. No one is okay every single day. If you are not okay today, I’m with you,” she typed. “There’s always tomorrow. Love you.” She followed up with a post holding her newborn and said, “This makes me so happy.”

Williams’ posts arrive on the heels of a TikTok showing how motherhood has been for her. On Tuesday (Nov. 21), the mother of two uploaded a peek behind the curtain, insisting her life isn’t all glamorous.

Serena can be seen in the video posing for photos in a beautiful shimmery Black gown at the the 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards at American Museum of Natural History. The clip then shifts to her pumping breast milk for her baby and sighing in relief after the strenuous job.

“What my life is really like… It’s not as glamorous as you think,” she captioned the footage. A separate video from Wednesday (Nov. 29) also honed in on her mommy duties. The gender rights activist uploaded a lighthearted clip to TikTok and asked her followers if they go through similar moments. “I’m on my way to hang out at my dad’s house and time got the best of me because sometimes I don’t manage my time well,” she admitted to the camera. “And now I am pumping and driving. Does anyone else do that?”

Fans responded to the retired athlete with love and stated that they, too, go through the same thing. One comment sent love to Serena on her motherhood journey. The account also referenced Williams’ X/Twitter post and called her “strong.” “We women have to do a lot of multitasking in life. Pumping, correcting, solving problems, give advice, cry but not sob, etc. You’re strong, Serena, you bounced back from not being ok. We all do. [Women] get it done,” they typed.

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