Serena Williams Regrets Not Taking Virgil Abloh's Fashion Advice |

Serena Williams Regrets Not Taking Virgil Abloh’s Fashion Advice

Serena Williams is still mourning the loss of friend and fashion powerhouse Virgil Abloh and the opportunity to have worn one of his most daring designs.

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Williams is one of several celebrities reflecting on their experiences working with Abloh in a new 30-minute film for Vogue.

In it the tennis phenom recalled lacking the confidence to rock one of Abloh’s more dramatically glamorous designs during the 2019 French Open. “I still kind of regret not doing what Virgil told me to do,” said Williams. “He wanted me to wear this long skirt with the crazy train, and then a cape with a train, and then just walk out on the court.”

Williams is no stranger to adorning attention-grabbing outfits. But in this case, the tennis powerhouse was unable to see the vision Abloh had in mind. “And I’m thinking, ‘Virgil, I like fashion, and I like pushing the envelope, but this — I just don’t think I can do this,’” she added. “I just wasn’t brave enough to go out there in all the red clay, and just walk out in this train, of like, a Met Gala at the French Open.”

Williams previously wore two designs by the late designer during her appearances in the 2018 US Open. The designs were part of Williams’ and Abloh’s Queen capsule collection with Nike.

“With Serena, we have one of our generation’s most powerful, inspiring athletes as the muse. I was trying to embody her spirit and bring something compelling and fresh to tennis,” said Abloh of working on designs for Williams in a press release. “What I love about tennis is the gracefulness. It’s an aggressive and powerful game, but it takes touch and finesse. So the dress is feminine, but combines her aggression.”

In November of last year, the Louis Vuitton artistic director passed after a private battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare cancer. His death came as shock to those who adored him but were unaware of his illness.

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