A Selena Album With Unreleased Music Is Coming Soon, According to Late Singer’s Father

Are you ready to hear new music from the late Selena?

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’s family is teasing a new album of unreleased music from the Selina 27-years after her passing.

via Complex:

During a recent Facebook Live with Latin Groove News, the musician’s father Abraham Quintanilla revealed that Selena fans will be treated to a 13-track album in April via Warner Music, CBS News reports.

“Selena’s been gone 26 years now,” Abraham Quintanilla said. “It’s amazing how fast time flies… What amazes me, and Suzette, my family, A.B., is that 26 years later and the public still remembers Selena. They haven’t let go of her. They’re waiting for a project like this to come out, and I know it will be well received by the public.” 

The yet-to-be-titled project will feature 13 ballads and cumbias, 10 of which have never been previously released; an additional three previously released songs will be reworked by Selena’s brother, A.B. Quintanilla. Suzette Quintanilla, Selena’s sister, is working on the project’s cover art.

“What’s unique about it is that not only is the music completely new arrangements, but my son worked on Selena’s voice with the computers and if you listen to her, she sounds on this recording like she did right before she passed away,” Abraham said of the forthcoming project.

He continued, “But if you listen to it now, the same song with different arrangements and the voice work to where she sounds like  (she did) right before she passed away, it’s kind of amazing.” 

March 31 marks the 27th anniversary of Selena’s death. She was just 23 years old when she died.

We’re not sure if this is something we need — what do you think?

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