Say What Now? Woman Goes to the Hospital for Kidney Stones, Leaves with a New Baby [Video]


A woman in Stockbridge, Georgia says she went to the hospital for what she thought were kidney stones — but found out that she was actually in labor.

via AJC:

“The doctors were discussing kidney stones and pain and said, ‘Order a CT scan,'” Stephanie Jaegers told Inside Edition. “But then he examined my stomach when I was having ‘cramps’ and changed his mind and did an ultrasound instead.”

Jaegers said she was in disbelief when doctors told her she was more than 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. She already has two kids who are 11 and 16 years old, and said this time she didn’t have any of the usual symptoms.

“I never had morning sickness like with my other ones,” said Jaegers. “I was moody but I thought that was premenopause.”

Jaegers gave birth the a healthy baby boy and named him Shaun Jude Jaegers.

It turns out that little Shaun was in breached position behid some of Jaegers’ rib, which is why Jaegers did not look like she was pregnant.

The family says they are adjusting to the unexpected surprise and are grateful to have him.

“I do believe everything is meant to be,” Jaegers said. “We are grateful he is here and he is sweet little baby.”

Uh…surprise? We’re happy to hear that baby Shaun is healthy!

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