Say What Now? Virginia Cops Pull Over Unsuspecting Drivers and Give Them Ice Cream [Video]


Police in VA thought it would be a good idea to pull over drivers who did nothing to warrant being stopped and ‘surprise’ them with ice cream cones instead of tickets.

Now, forgive us if we’re being cynical — but in today’s climate the act of pulling over random people for absolutely no real reason doesn’t sound like the greatest idea.

via WSET:

Officer Brian Warner said they just wanted to spread some summer sweetness in the community. The officer’s patrol cars were fully equipped with a cooler of ice cream. And they stopped about 20 people, handing out sweet treats instead of tickets.

Warner recalls just how much fun he had with the woman seen in the video that’s been getting a lot of love on social media.

“Her reaction was absolutely the best,” explained Warner. “It was genuine, and she had us smiling and laughing for a good hour afterwards, and I’ve probably watched the video myself 50 times just laughing… and that’s one of the great things with police work you get to meet people like that on a daily basis, and it makes the job worth it.”

With a small police department of only 5 officers, they feel that it’s important to feel completely embedded in their community. “I love this community,” said Sergeant Stuart Come. “I love our citizens and we appreciate the support that they give us on a daily basis…not just for times like this, but for everyday”

Officer Warner said they do things like this quite a bit, but this is the first time they recorded it, and they sure are happy they did.

Check out the video below.

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