Say What Now? Usher Paid $20 to Charge His Phone Inside a Woman's Vagina [Photos]


Usher learned the true power of a woman’s vagina Thursday night at Art Basel in Miami.

He visited Vector Gallery’s ‘Body As Commodity’ performance art installation where a woman was offering to charge people’s phones using a portable charger inside her hoo-ha for $20.


The gallery described the symbolism behind the performance on their Tumblr:

“Body As Commodity” forces the active audience to consider whether using a doll for sexual pleasure commodifies sex more or less immorally than using a real body for amenities that can be monetarily quantified, such as energy; the charging of a mobile phone. This performance piece uses the exchange of literal energy (battery life) for figurative energy (use of a body) at a monetary expense to exemplify the exchange of simulated sexuality for monetary gain.

That’s one way to give your phone a little extra juice….



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