Say What Now? Ozzy Osbourne Was Reportedly Hooking Up with Multiple Women


We know that Sharon Osbourne left husband Ozzy after 33 years of marriage because he was having an affair — but we DIDN’T know was that he was getting it in with multiple women!

via Page Six:

Family insiders say the rock icon — whose wife Sharon Osbourne threw him out of the house last week when she discovered his indiscretions with Pugh — also hooked up with others in the last year, including a woman he met in AA and a member of his tour staff.

We’re told the most recent revelation was “the last straw” for Sharon, who’s also been her hubby’s manager since the 1970s and whom he’s credited with saving his life from addiction.

“She’s looking the best she’s ever looked and she’s ruling the world right now — she doesn’t need this,” added a source. “She’s devoted her whole life to this guy.”

The split was also caused because the relationship with Pugh was more than just a casual dalliance, sources told us. Page Six previously reported that Sharon, a co-host of CBS’s “The Talk,” was devastated because she felt Ozzy was living a “double life.”

“All of this isn’t happening over Ozzy hooking up with some ‘random’ on a Friday night. He’s a rocker, and a ‘slip-up’ is a lot different [from] what they found here,” the source told us of Ozzy’s alleged relationship with Pugh.

You would think that at his age he’d be happy and settled, right?

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