Say What Now? Man Gets Stuck in a Basketball Hoop, Has to Be Rescued by the Fire Department [Video]


A Seattle man got stuck upside down after climbing onto a basketball hoop. For whatever reason, he couldn’t get himself down and the fire department had to rescue him like a cat stuck in a tree.

via KTLA:

Hanging by a foot, the shirtless man was flailing and thrashing about as about a dozen officers stood around the court, apparently trying to figure out how to get him down, video from CNN affiliateKOMO showed.

At one point, the man appeared to have his head stuck in the rim as he tried to free himself.

Eventually, firefighters used a ladder to cut the net and get him safely down, the television station reported.

In a tongue-in-cheek tweet, Seattle police stated that he would possibly be arrested for property destruction “or at least goal-tending.”

It was not immediately clear why the man had climbed up onto the hoop.

What a dumb*ss.

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