Say What Now? Fifth Grader Takes Dad's Marijuana to School to Help Him Quit |

Say What Now? Fifth Grader Takes Dad’s Marijuana to School to Help Him Quit


Great intentions, not so great idea.

A fifth grader from Suffolk, Virginia, could be expelled from school after he brought in some marijuana last week to prevent his father from using it.

Local police say the Driver Elementary student showed the pot to his teacher and explained that he stole it from his dad’s truck to help him kick the habit.

The kid’s mother was called to the school and heard the explanation as well.

Suffolk Public Schools official Bethanne Bradshaw told WAVY that the school’s zero tolerance policy required that the student be recommended for expulsion.

The student has been suspended pending his expulsion hearing, which has been set for next Friday. Extenuating circumstances will be considered, according to a school spokesperson.

“Policy is policy, but I do think they need to check into the situation more,” former teacher Jonathan Lewis told NewsChannel 3. “I mean who knows what the child’s homelife is like and what kind of exposure they’re getting besides drugs.”

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